Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New York Tomato, your backyard brunch (on the corner of New and York Street)

Brunch enthusiast? A must-try.. but don't expect too much!

This café has been around the corner of my home for over ten years. However, I've never found the time to actually try it out... Until now! This place is found in a residential area of Richmond in Melbourne (Victoria). It's literally set up in someone's backyard! What better day to try it than the third day of Spring?

My friend and I were promptly greeted upon arrival and quickly seated (it was a Friday morning) and were brought a jug of water and a menu shortly after being seated. The waitress, who was very friendly, asked if we would like coffee or tea to start us off (which we declined). 

The menu (below):

The menu offered a good range of breakfast and lunch options. We settled for the 'El Presidente' and 'French Toast'. 

After about 15 minutes of waiting we received our meals. 

The 'El Presidente' or baked eggs is pictured above. The eggs were nicely done without any yolk running (as bald eggs should be). Bacon cooked well without it being overly crispy and the sausages, spinach and roasted tomatoes were not a disappointment. The sourdough bread was fresh and not too crispy that you have to hack at it with your knife to get a piece of it in your mouth! Simply delish. 

It even comes in your own pan and wooden board!

Roasted tomatoes are one of my favourite breakfast items. Other places over roast them or under cook them. When they're undercooked they resemble a lot of their original form (taste wise) which can be quite off putting. But these babies had a delicious velvety taste to them. 

I actually didn't try the French Toast at all so I can't really provide much insight into it. It does lack presentation in comparison to the baked eggs but don't let that deter you. From what my friend had told me, it's quite sweet so all you sugar lovers would quite enjoy it!

It's served with vanilla yoghurt and a blackberry compote. 

Overall experience and enjoyable one! Not in a great rush to revisit but definitely not one to avoid. The only downfall of this eatery is that you may find ants crawling on your table. Not a lot! Maybe one or two. This didn't bother me much but can be quite off putting to the hygiene sensitive!

I'd give this place:
7.5 for atmosphere
8.0 for service
7.0 for food 
6.5 for presentation (the downfall being the French toast)

Overall: 7.3 rating

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